Purchase Information

The purchase process of CHAINS AND SPROCKETS have a four principal steps: choose, check out, stuffed and send.

CHOOSE: this is a first step that the client have access to all bidders products of CHAINS AND SPROCKETS, accessing to category of products. Once choose the product that have to buy, press add. to cart.

CHECK OUT: Once choose the product, client have access to “purchase modificate”, have a screen summary of chosen products, quantity and total amount, so that client can check, modificate or process the order requested. Once the client is according with the summary shown, press “purchase finalize”

OUT STUFFED: once confirmed the products that have to buy, access a screen that to show a form with four steps:

  • Account: if the client not have our web account, may a create it. If has account check that information is actualized
  • Shipping: client choose the shipping way and can put another address that have in your account
  • Payout: access a screen that sample ways to payment available to the customer for chains and sprockets, like PayPal, banker transfer and Credit card. Also, can out stuffed another address of facturate that have in account.
  • Check order: show a screen with information of client to summary and checkup, so that client can to rectificate the information, or confirm the same press “Send”

SEND: Finalized the purchase process, Chains and Sprockets confirm the same through a confirmation screen that details identification code order, so client can track it, as well as make any complaint. Also send to email automatically to the client. Its recommend to print this screen show like proof of payment and order.

Payment of methods

For the merchandising of products Chains and Sprockets use the bank transfer as pay mode, pay with a card and PayPal.

Product delivery and Shipping cost

Chains and sprockets, offer two options for shipping:

Due Freight cost: the client can be organized the collect of ware and indicate a transport agency. We contact this agency and Will arrange the shipping.

Free Freight Cost: We choose the company to translate. We work with two companies Iberian Peninsula SEUR y SPAIN-TIR. In this case the shipping cost show when choose between both companies. In case the shipping be outside of peninsula we will contact to inform you of the available options and specify transport.

Due products to chains and sprockets sell, the shipping cost suffer a variation but, in any case, we will to communicated.


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